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Sunday, February 20, 2005


Great editorial on the Gannon thing in The Guardian.

And a softball interview with Gannon's employer, Robert Eberle, in the New York Times:

Comic moments from the Times article:
Mr. Guckert said Saturday that he had no journalism experience before arriving at Gopusa, apart from working for his high school and college newspapers. Asked why he did not, in his function as a White House reporter, even try to interview White House officials, he said, "I thought there was a lot of meat that came out of the press briefings."

Gonna let the obvious Gannon joke ride. Make up your own.

"I thought there was a lot of meat that came out of the press briefings."


Robin Williams: "And how! Like Santa Monia Blvd on a Sunday afternoon. Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee!"

"You may say that lacks some kind of journalistic ambition," he added.
Come on. Go easy on yourself, James-Jeff.
Mr. Guckert denied seeing a Central Intelligence Agency memorandum disclosing the identity of Valerie Plame, a C.I.A. operative, even though he had strongly insinuated as much in an interview with her husband, Joseph C. Wilson IV, the transcript of which he posted on the Internet.

Mr. Guckert's phrasing in that interview so strongly suggested he had seen the classified memorandum that it brought F.B.I. officials to his house as part of the Plame leak investigation, he said.

But he said referring to the memorandum as though he had seen it was merely an interview technique.
Really lame cover. Not gonna work. Let's hope that someone gets to the bottom of this issue.
Mr. Eberle said that he and some friends founded Gopusa out of his Houston home about five years ago and later created Talon News. They expanded by buying another conservative site called

Mr. Eberle, who once worked for Lockheed Martin and says he prefers to keep his current employer unidentified, said that he was not bankrolled by any backers and that he and his wife had made few Republican contributions. Texas Republicans said he was not well known in the party.

Firewall construction.

Nice try.

"Did Bobby tell the Jew from The New York Times that he's not really a Republican?"

"He was supposed to."

"Good. That oughta stop this whole damn thing. (Pause) Fore!"
Before engaging Mr. Guckert on "a volunteer basis," Mr. Eberle said he himself got temporary press credentials to attend a White House briefing. "I think I asked a question about a U.N. resolution on Iraq," Mr. Eberle said.
Eberle and Gannon have set the bar super high re: the time between starting a web-site and getting a WH press pass.

I have less than two years.

Does anyone know anyone?

More later...


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