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Monday, February 28, 2005

Good Job, Geniuses!

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A couple of weeks ago, a group called "" erected the billboard (on the left) on Hollywood Blvd. - in hopes of sending a "nyah nyah nyah" message to the evil celebs on Oscar night. You know, the evil celebs that are destroying our "childrens" and our country. (I know - the image is small. It's Bush - taunting Penn, Moore, Babs, Fletch, et al.) From their website:
"On Hollywood's biggest night, this is what the liberals will see as they walk down the red carpet outside the Kodak Theater."
Uh, not quite.

One - The billboard was 4 BLOCKS away from the "red carpet," and tucked above Hollywood Toys. Plus, the damn thing was facing east...away from the red carpet. Sorry, dudes: NO ONE SAW IT.

Two - Hollywood Blvd. (east of Highland) was completely shut down to traffic yesterday - so all the celebs came into the Oscar's via Highland and Franklin. Sorry, dudes: NO ONE SAW IT.

Three - the red carpet was completely walled off in front of the Kodak. The celebs couldn't see anything - except Joan, Melissa and the cameras in front of 'em.

Not Hooters, not Baja Fresh, and definitely not that stupid billboard. Sorry, dudes: NO ONE SAW IT.

Good job, geniuses. Your money was well spent!

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