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Friday, February 25, 2005

Gay Shrek, Part Deux

We, the new-traditionalists of the Focus on the True American Family Council, have done some more digging into the subversive world of some of today's most popular gay-makers.

Here's another list of unacceptable "entertainment" for traditional American children.

Finding Nemo - This movie is a giant mess; it promotes being gay and being Jewish. Here's why: 1) Nemo meets Ellen Degeneres, the Queen of All Gays. Ellen's friendship is hurtful to Nemo...because her lesbianism has clearly brought on an early case of adult dementia. Sends the wrong message to kids...that it's okay to befirend a crazy gay. 2) Nemo's father (Albert Brooks) is a whiny Jew. 'Nuff said.

The Wiggles - the idea that four gays are singing to children? Unbelievable.

Barney - we all know that Barney is gay. However, he's much more subversive than that. His hit song, "I Love You, You Love Me" promotes the idea that you should love people...even if they're "once born." (You shouldn't.) Also, Barney is a dinosaur. We all know that there were no dinosaurs - a clever, secular invention, yes, but nothing more.

Ice Age - There was no "ice age." Another secular invention - designed to promote the idea of global warming.

Rugrats - Tommy is voiced by a woman (E.G. Daily). Promotes the idea that babies are gay.

Fairly Odd-Parents - This show promotes witchcraft and the idea that parents can be odd. (They can't.) We're hard at work on a show that will restore respect and honor to the family, by creating a family with a strong patriarch at the helm. And a wife who understands her role as a wife.

On that note:

The Incredibles - An "incredible" mess. Elasti-girl had it right when she decided to be a HOME-MAKER. The minute she put on the "suit," she became a feminazi...a feminazi who promotes the idea that women should have lives outside the home. Also, Mr. Incredible's "friendship" with Fro-zone is problematic, and we're worried about Dash.

Puffy Ami Yumi - Promotes the idea that it's okay to be gay and Japanese.

Snagglepuss - pink and gay.

The Banana Splits - A complete mess. This drug-fueled monstrosity, hosted by an elephant, a monkee, a dog and a thing, promotes the idea that you should be friends with people who are different than you - a secular invention designed to get you to befriend people outside your congregation.

Little Bear - this little gay bear gets everything he wants from his parents. Sets up unrealistic expecations for our children - another secular invention designed to rip apart the traditional American family.

More later...


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