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Friday, February 11, 2005

Aaron Brown

The Jeff Gannon thing has finally hit the mainstream media; CNN, The Washington Post, even the NY Times.

Please take the time to read this transcript from "News Night with Aaron Brown." Excellent stuff from Americablog's John Aravosis and Salon's Eric Boehlert.

Their simple point? "This ain't about 'liberals going after a conservative journalist.' This is about media manipulation and White House propaganda."

Quick excerpt:
ARAVOSIS: This isn't personal. It's important.

BROWN: OK. Well, OK.

BOEHLERT: And the way it works in Washington, if you want to cover the White House, first you go to Capitol Hill. That's the first stop. You have to get credentials for Capitol Hill.


BOEHLERT: And then if you want a hard pass, a permanent pass to the White House, you go to the White House. You fill out an application and then the Secret Service does a background check. If you don't have Capitol Hill credentials, the White House won't even submit your application.

BROWN: For a hard pass.

BOEHLERT: Yes. Jeff Gannon went to Capitol Hill. They said "You're not a real reporter. This is not a real news organization."


BOEHLERT: And then he spends two years in the White House Press Office getting his daily passes.

ARAVOSIS: How did he get -- how did he get to ask the president a question two weeks ago? I mean, Eric you know and Aaron you know as well, YOU DON'T JUST GET TO ASK THE PRESIDENT A QUESTION. THAT'S PLANNED IN ADVANCE. These guys, there's something else going on here.

This isn't just some journalist who happened to get in and happened to get a pass. THEY WANTED HIM THERE. They scripted this and I'm frankly wondering again how did he get involved with Valerie Plame?

It's just there are some unanswered questions here higher up of somebody in the White House and it brings us to the larger question of Armstrong Williams and everything else as far as the whole propaganda White House.

BROWN: We'll leave it at that. It does raise lots of questions on having to do with media, having to do with what's appropriate and, in fact, having to do with the White House and how it operates, good to see you both tonight. Thank you for coming in tonight.
Good stuff.

BTW - here's "Jeff Gannon's" last question to the Prez, re: working with Democrats on the Hill: "How are you going to work with people who seem to have divorced themselves from reality?"

A hard-core journalist at work!

More later...


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