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Friday, January 14, 2005

Wow. He's SUPER Romantic

QUICK NOTES on the fake restaurant thing? Come on. If you've ever eaten at a Home Town Buffet or a Cracker Barrel or a Bennigan's or a Red know what I mean. The "food" is sent to the restaurants...frozen...portioned plastic bags. Snip snip, microwave, serve. Yum.

It's just a touch better than a Hungry Man meal...and probably loaded with just as much sodium.

And the fake "theme decor?" Whether it's a "roadhouse," or an old school "rib joint, or a "shack on the beach?" Makes me sick. Thank god they all serve beer.


Excellent news from the Chuck Graner hearing.

My main man had ANOTHER girlfriend at Abu Ghraib.

"You mean...Lyndie England?"

Nope. Megan Ambuhl.

"Who let the dogs out?! Woof, woof , woof, woof , woof!"

Everbody, this is Megan . Megan, this is everybody.

From Reuters!

"Abu Ghraib Guard's Lover 'Mocked' Prisoners"

Yay! More "romantic" games!
A former U.S. military policewoman testified on Thursday that an intelligence officer at Iraq (news - web sites)'s Abu Ghraib prison asked her to mock the genitals of naked detainees, supporting defense contentions that guards were following military intelligence orders.

In the strongest defense testimony so far, Megan Ambuhl told the court-martial of Spc. Charles Graner, portrayed as the leader in the 2003 prisoner abuse scandal, that interrogators would tell the guards what to do with detainees.
The defense is trying to show that the abuse orders came from the higher-ups.

Good luck!
Seven U.S. military police and one intelligence officer were charged in the case in which detainees were photographed naked in sexually humiliating positions. Four Americans have pleaded guilty; Graner's case is the first to go to trial.

Ambuhl, who worked with Graner at the prison and admitted under cross-examination for the first time in public to having a SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP with him, pleaded guilty last year to one count of dereliction of duty and was spared prison time.
Chuck Graner...SUPER romantic.
"They would come down with their detainees and let us know what they wanted us to do with them," Ambuhl said, referring to military interrogators. "They might say this guy is cooperating, not cooperating."

In one instance, she said an intelligence interrogator asked her to watch a male detainee shower. "They wanted me to go in the shower and point at the genital area and laugh at them," she said.
Um. Megan? Hate to tell you...but...they told you to do they could have a YOUR expense.

Another time, a civilian interrogator ordered her to deal with a detainee called "al Qaeda" because he was a suspected member of the network, said Ambuhl, who was present when a naked Iraqi prisoner was leashed and photographed.

The interrogator "told us we were doing a good job and that breaking al Qaeda (the prisoner) would have a global impact and save a lot of lives," she said.
Yeah. Right. Ordering a female stand near a naked just a really sad way...of getting your rocks off. These guys should do time...for being lame.
The defense had said Graner, 36, would testify but unexpectedly rested their case on Thursday afternoon. "I feel fantastic," Graner told reporters. "I am still smiling,"
Chuck will have plenty of time to write a Harlequin Romance (re: his romp through Iraq) in the big house. Me bets there's a publisher or two...linin' up for that tale.
The court viewed photos of the three bound prisoners from that October 2003 night taken by Pfc. Lynndie England, a clerk with whom Graner later fathered a child and who also is facing a court-martial later this year.

The photos of England holding a naked prisoner on a leash shocked the world and turned the abuse scandal into a major U.S. foreign policy setback.
Hey, did Lyndie England name their baby?

More later...


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