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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Who's Your Daddy, Part Deux

Once again, it takes a UK paper to fill in the blanks here in 'Merica.

The headline from today's Guardian: "No sex is safe sex for teens in America - Joanna Walters in Killeen, Texas, reports on the $170m Bush-backed abstinence drive that teaches condoms are useless"

"Damn straight."

You know where this is going. I mean, come on.

A few key excerpts:
On a bright but breezy Texas winter morning at the high school on Clear Creek Road, next to the vast Fort Hood military base, the talk is all about sex. Or, rather, about how you absolutely must not do it or anything close to it outside wedlock. It is part of the sexual revolution in US schools called Abstinence-Only Until Marriage, a programme being cascaded with funding from the Bush administration.

Karen Koehler smoothed her demure skirt, adjusted her green blazer and looked out intently at the class as the 15- 16 -and 17-year-olds fidgeted in their seats. 'Give me an example of risky behaviour,' said Koehler, sex education teacher at Shoemaker High School, Killeen, about an hour north of the state capital Austin.
And a few miles from Hell. Sorry, back to the article.
The teenagers started with easy stuff. 'Cheating in tests,' called out one. 'Smoking,' said another.
"Picking up a 'hooker' on Santa Monica, between Highland and Las Palmas."
Not what Koehler was after. 'Something to do with sexuality. What about girls in short skirts?' Silence from the class of 25 pupils. 'If you wear provocative clothing it makes people think things about you. Guys, what does that say to you - she is loose? She is easy?' asked the teacher.

The boys tittered. Koehler ignored them: 'Girls, how far are you going to take the first date?'

From this educational foreplay, the lesson progressed to the dangers of sexually transmitted infections and an insistence that condoms do not prevent disease or pregnancy.

The climax came with the message now being taught in schools across the US: abstaining from sex until marriage is the ONLY FORM of protection. The federal government will put around $170 million into abstinence-only sex education programmes in schools in 2005, a $30m increase over last year.
No word on the amount of money the federal government will end up spending on "kids having kids," teenage dead-beat dads, depression, drug abuse and shattered lives.
The abstinence funds go to educational, medical or religious groups at local level who devise sex curriculums for the schools. There is no federal quality control of the material, just the edict to teach abstinence and limit discussion of contraception to failure rates.
Anyone have a problem with that?
Koehler continued her lesson by listing the sexual activity that fell in the 'danger' category. 'Regular intercourse; anal intercourse; oral intercourse; skin-to-skin under clothes; genital contact; and there are some problems with deep passionate kissing - these are risky behaviours.'
Skin to skin under clothes? Skin to skin under clothes?! I'm a fairly open guy, not afraid of, you know, stuff, but I've never heard of skin to skin under clothes. WTF? I...uh...why am I confused by "skin to skin under clothes?" Yes, I agree, there are major problems with deep, passionate kissing, but skin to skin under clothes? I'm not sure I know what that is.

And...what if I...wear special underwear? Does that mean I can't get preggers?
Holding hands, hugging with clothes on and 'light kissing' were OK, the teens were told.
All lies.
Koehler then ran through the gamut of sexual diseases. 'How are you going to keep yourself safe?' she asked the class. 'Abstinence,' they chorused.

'What do you also hear will keep you safe?' she asked. 'Condoms,' they answered.

'Do they keep you safe?' she asked. 'No,' they chorused.

Koehler believes young people are unreliable in their use of contraception. She is banned by law from promoting the benefits of correctly used condoms.
But not banned by law from lying to kids.

Oh, by the way;
Joint research by Columbia and Yale Universities found that 88 per cent of Americans between the ages of 12 and 18 who pledge abstinence do not wait until they get married to have sex, compared with 99 per cent of 'non-pledgers'.

Teens who 'pledge' wait around 18 months longer than their peers to have sex and have fewer partners, but once the pledge is broken only 40 per cent of males use condoms compared with 60 per cent of 'non-pledgers'.

'By 18 to 24 they catch up with their non-pledging peers in sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy rates,' said Professor Peter Bearman of Columbia University.
No word on whether or not THE WAIT was worth it.

More later...


  • I found that, in high school, there was an easy way for me to maintain my unwanted abstinence... simply put, all the girls I liked didn't like me... maybe there should just be national support for all girls to join the cheerleading squad and just be too good for all the boys... goodbye unwanted teenage pregnancy...

    By Blogger Nicholas, at 1:10 PM  

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