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Monday, January 24, 2005

More James Bond Stuff

The US is looking into the missing Iraqi "defense" cash (please read the pevious postings below).

The cast of characters involved in this bad, b-movie? Getting bigger, yo.

Here's the latest bit from Reuters.
U.S. authorities are investigating why $300 million in American bills was taken out of Iraq's Central Bank this month and flown to Lebanon, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq said on Sunday.

The envoy, John Negroponte, said that he did not know if the money was missing or if it had been used to buy weapons, as some Iraqi officials have said.

Negroponte, in a taped interview from Baghdad on CNN's "Late Edition," said no U.S. government money was involved.
"Wait. John Negroponte? THE John Negroponte?"


"The dude who...?"

"Let me quote my main man and number-one homey, Noam Chomsky. 'In Honduras, proconsul Negroponte's task was to supervise the bases where a terrorist mercenary army - the Contras - was trained, armed and sent to overthrow the Sandinistas." (You can read Noam's full comments re: Negroponte's role in Iraq and Central America here.)

The New York Times, which reported the incident on Saturday, cited unidentified Iraqi officials as saying the cash had been used to buy tanks and other arms from international dealers in a rush to put together an armored division for the fledgling Iraqi army.

Iraqi Defense Minister Hazim al-Shaalan and Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi have traded charges regarding the cash transfer, with Chalabi accusing Shaalan of sending the cash abroad without cabinet authorization, and Shaalan threatening Chalabi with extradition to Jordan, where he is wanted in connection with the collapse of Petra Bank.
"Wait. Ahmed Chalabi? THE Ahmed Chalabi?"


"The NEO-CONS (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz) wanted that dude to be president, right?"


"Because they thought the dude was the 'George Washington' of Iraq."


"And he's the same dude who gave them 'intelligence' before the war?"


"Damn. How deep is this rabbit-hole?"

"You and I...will never know."

More later.


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