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Monday, January 10, 2005

Good News, Frat Boys

Time for the Ronald McDonalds, Mickey Mouses and Cow McMoos of the world to stand up and unite!


Hey now!

Read the whole article here. The key excerpts:
Penny for your dirty thoughts?

Columbia House, famous for its "12 CDs for a penny" record clubs, will launch its own adult video club with Playboy Entertainment at the end of this month. The service, called Hush, will sell pornography through direct mail and a Web site.

While 50-year-old Columbia House is eager to cash in on the $12 billion porn business, officials are pretty hush hush about Hush.

Columbia House, the nation's largest direct distributor of DVDs and home video, will handle distribution, while Playboy, which has an adult direct-mail list "in the millions," according to Litwak, will handle marketing.

Litwak added that his company estimates that total adult video sell-through and rentals total $5 billion a year.

He said Hush can grab a significant amount of the marketplace because of Playboy's wide reach and Columbia's direct distribution methods. The club would work similarly to the company's record groups — subscribers would select from a monthly catalog of titles.
I hated CH because...orerding junk from CH was just a step above buying a cheap bootleg off a guy on the subway platform. Back in the early 80's, CH used to put really bad covers on their cheap-ass you could always tell when someone had a CH tape. (Remember? They had two, pink lines on the side.)

Still, it was fun to watch those CH deliveries roll into the dorm. Or the fraternity house. Law was...the shipments were "first come, first served" since everyone was using fake names, ie it's cool to steal from someone who's stealing.

"The Sperminator" and "Schindler's Fist" for a few bits? Sound like a plan.

More later. (Please read the previous post...if you have the chance.)


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