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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Duff-heads Unite!

Need another reason to hate the rock band Fuel? (The number one reason being...they suck?)

"Singer Curses at Inaugural Youth Concert"

Rock and roll.

Read the full story here.

Yes, Fuel appeared at BushTwinapalooza, along with Hillary Duff, Jo Jo and 3 Doors Down. (Wow. What a bill.) The PRO-FAMILY types and "Hillary Duff moms" are upset this morning because Fuel's front-man, Brett Scallions, gave the following shout-out to the crowd...a crowd largely made up of Hillary Duff fans (i.e. little girls and Republicans);
"Welcome to the greatest fucking country in the world!"
Like I said...rock and roll.


People, Brett's comment was not offensive. It was just...lame. And so...not rock.

"Welcome to the greatest fucking country in the world?!" Don't know what kind of moment you were having, Brett. Wasn't a rock moment, that's for sure.

But fear not. There is hope. Mark McGrath did a fine job on "American Idol."

You know what? The lamest thing about this whole story is the fact that...Fuel even agreed to do this gig in the first place! Tells you all you need to know about the band.

"That they're lame?"

And they broke the rule.

Rock and Roll Rule #1265, sec "a," paragraph 2.
"If you get an invitation from a conservative-leaning organization, like from Wal-Mart or the White House or something, to play some fucking benefit or a concert or to make an appearance with one of their fucking people? Tell them to "go fuck themselves." Then tell them to call Toby Keith. Or Hillary Duff. Or 3 Doors Down. Or Nugent."
A more..."rock and roll" approach to the above mentioned situation would've gone something like this:
"God Dammit. Look at all the fucking...conservatives here tonight. Jesus fucking Christ. I feel like I'm at a fucking Promise Keepers meeting. Fuckin' A!"
Hey, speaking of Nugent, here's one of my favorite Nugent quotes (lifted from a live recording);
"Did anybody come here to get mellow?"


"Ain't nobody come here to get mellow. (Pause) If you came here to get mellow you can turn around and get the fuck out of here!"
Now rock and roll.

Believe it or came from a conservative.

"Spirit of the wild! Cowabunga!! Ow!!!"

Maybe Brett needs an elk-hunting trip to the Gros Ventre Indian Reservation.

"Spirit of the wild!"

More later...


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