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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

What a Dick

Big Daddy Don Rumsfeld is in Kuwait. Had a scheduled "pep rally" with some troops this morn. Said pep rally became interesting...when some of the troops started to ASK QUESTIONS.

"Say what?!"

It's true. Read the full AP article here.

Some excerpts:
Some of soldiers, however, had criticisms of their own - not of the war itself but of how it is being fought.

Army Spc. Thomas Wilson of the 278th Regimental Combat Team, which is made up mainly of citizen soldiers of the Tennessee Army National Guard, asked Rumsfeld in a question-and-answer session why vehicle armor is still in short supply, nearly two years after the war started.

"Why do we soldiers have to dig through local landfills for pieces of scrap metal and compromised ballistic glass to uparmor our vehicles?" Wilson asked. A BIG CHEER arose from the approximately 2,300 soldiers in the cavernous hangar who assembled to see and hear the secretary of defense.

Rumsfeld hesitated and asked Wilson to repeat his question.

"We do not have proper armored vehicles to carry with us north," Wilson said after asking again.
Rumsfeld then flew across the room and bit the soldier's face off.

Sorry. Back to the article.
Rumsfeld replied that, "You go to war with the Army you have," not the one you might want, and that the Army was pushing manufacturers of vehicle armor to produce it as fast as humanly possible.
You go to war with the army that you have. Wow. Subtext: fuck you and deal with it, soldier. How dare you talk to me.

Uh, you go to war with the army that you have...which is supposed to be the best in the 'kin galaxy, Don. We've spend A LOT OF 'KIN MONEY TO MAKE IT SO. Methinks that some o' that "money " is gettin' snatched up along the way. Nes pa?


Some better questions, soldiers. "Sir, who REALLY makes our body armor, and is it a company run by one of your buddies? How much money have you given 'em, and are they spending that cash on producing the best equipment possible? If not...any of that money bein' used on big homes and high-end prostitutes?"

And, the defense chief added, armor is not always a savior in the kind of combat U.S. troops face in Iraq, where the insurgents' weapon of choice is the roadside bomb, or improvised explosive device that has killed and maimed hundreds, if not thousands, of American troops since the summer of 2003.

"You can have all the armor in the world on a tank and it can (still) be blown up," Rumsfeld said.
No shit.

No one dared ask the obvious question: "Why are we gettin' blown up?!"

The article did not say anything about Army Spc Tom Wilson gettin' a "special assigment" to Mosul.

More later.


  • "flew across the room and bit his face off"... HAHAHAHA.

    I don't that old Don would have had other folks not been watching.

    What a dick.

    By Blogger Outsourced, at 11:05 AM  

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