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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A Weekend at Bernie's

Love is in the air!

Great piece in the NY Post & Fish Wrap this morning...titled "BAD BERNIE'S LIVID MISTRESS: HE'S INSANE AND MANIACAL." Read the full article (re: Kerik's relationship with the Judith Regan) here.

The best excerpt from Andrea Peyser's article?
Lately, Kerik seemed to have rebounded. Earlier this year, I spotted him having dinner at Fresco's with another, fatter man and a pair of blond twentysomethings in skin-tight jeans and fur coats.
You gotta love a paper that will print the phrase "blond twentysomethings in skin-tight jeans and fur coats." And, you gotta love the fact that Peyser drew attention to the "fatter" man at the table. Suggests a couple of slimeballs...out with a couple of...uh...professionals.

Nes pa?

For a cleaner, less FOX-y version of the story, check out this article in the NY Times.

They've finally moved off the nanny story.

Good times.



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