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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Sexy and 17, My Little Rock and Roll Queen

PHENOMENAL story on Atrios today. I'll piece it together for ya.

This little ditty begins in Iowa. Round about...October past. During a Presidential campaign stop in Des Moines.

Here we go!
Bush signs Tax Relief Act - By DAVID PITT (AP)

DES MOINES, Iowa - President Bush visited the swing state of Iowa on Monday to sign the Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004, which he said would mean lower tax bills for 94 million Americans.

"It comes at just the right time for America. Some of the provisions were set to expire at the end of 2004 ..." he said. "That would have been a setback for hardworking families of America and a setback for our economy."

Bush introduced MIKE AND SHARLA HINTZ, a couple from Clive, whom he said benefited from his tax plan.

Last year, because of the enhanced the child tax credit, they received an extra $1,600 in their tax refund, Bush said. With other tax cuts in the bill, they saved $2,800 on their income taxes.

They used the money to buy a wood-burning stove to more efficiently heat their home, made some home improvements and went on a vacation to Minnesota, the president said.

"Next year, maybe they'll want to come to Texas," Bush quipped.

Mike Hintz, a First Assembly of God YOUTH PASTOR, said the tax cuts also gave him additional money to use for health care. He said he supports Bush's values.

"The American people are starting to see what kind of leader President Bush is. People know where he stands," he said. "Where we are in this world, with not just the war on terror, but with the war with our CULTURE that's going on, I think we need a man that is going to be in the White House like President Bush, that's going to stand by what he believes.

"Everybody that I've talked to are saying that things are going to start going his way," Hintz said.
Okay. Important story points; Mike and Sharla Hintz, tax cuts, fine Americans, Mike's a youth pastor, First Assembly of God, clearly believes in values, wants the President to lead the way in the war on culture.

Gee. I wonder what Pastor Hintz is doin' today?

Dateline, Iowa. From Channel 8, Iowa's News Leader!
DES MOINES, Iowa -- A Des Moines youth pastor is charged with the sexual exploitation of a child.
Hey now!
Rev. MIKE HINTZ was fired from the First Assembly of God Church, located at 2725 Merle Hay Road, on Oct. 30. Hintz was the youth pastor there for three years. Police said he started an affair with a 17-YEAR OLD in the church YOUTH GROUP this spring.
Hubba hubba!
Church officials fired Hintz immediately after hearing the allegations.
She' s only 17...17...her daddy says she's too young...but she's old enough for me!

That's a Winger song. Sorry 'bout that.

More later...


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