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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Olympics Too Sexy For Its Shirt

Dateline, Bizzarroland!

FCC EYES OLYMPICS...for being too sexy.

Praise the Lord.

The quick story from the NY Post & Fish Wrap here.

Ah, screw it. It's so small, I'll paste the entire thing:
December 13, 2004 -- The Federal Communications Commission has asked NBC to submit a tape of its coverage of the Summer Olympics opening ceremonies to determine if some of the dancing was too sexy for TV.

NBC confirmed over the weekend that the FCC had asked for the tape from the first night of the Athens Olympics.

The commission usually does not initiate an investigation, but acts only after viewer complaints.
What are the chances that the "complaints" came from Brent Bozell's "Parents Television Council" (a turbo-fundie group responsible for 99.8% of the indecency complaints sent to the FCC in 2003)?

"One hundred."


Once again, the Parents Television Council was responsible for 99.8% of the indecency complaints filed in 2003. Complaints...that Michael Powell paid attention to...even though they came from one fucking group.

Powell's response to that inconvenient fact? "(It) does not minimize the merits of the groups’ concerns."


"But...the dancing was"

"Something oughta be done about that."

"Those people were imposing their...culture on our children. Without us knowin' it first."

"They were dancing closer than a Bible."

"Hundreds of...gays. Dancing with other gays."


"Painted up like demons."

"It was horrible."

"Sodom and Gamorrah."

"Our son Jacob runs track."

"What does that have to do with running track?"

"He was so upset."

"What does that have to do with running track?!"

For more info on the Parents Television Council and its chummy relationship with the FCC, check out this great article from Mediaweek.

More later...


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