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Thursday, December 16, 2004

K2: The Return of Kerik

My friends,

Great stuff this beautiful morn re: Bernie Kerik. One stop, Xmas shopping at Talking Points Memo.

My favorite point from Marshall's blog:
And now we find out from the Times (and, truthfully, from the force of logic) that the nanny story, which has been the White House's first, second and third talking point all week, is probably totally bogus.

The Times found no evidence that such a woman ever existed. And even when pressed by people who suspect he made the whole story up, Kerik remains adamant in his refusal to provide any details whatsoever. It's very hard to read the Times story and not conclude that the whole nanny thing was a con.
Gee. Ya think?
So what's the White House's story? Did they just take Kerik's word for it, not ask for even the most perfunctory details and then repeat the nanny story from the press room lectern for days on end as gospel truth? Or were they in on the con too?
Methinks the answer is "all of the above."

The Bushies were totally addicted to the idea of having a "9/11 hero" as their new Homeland Security czar. As a result, they totally fell for Kerik and his whole schtick and got lazy when it came time to check the dude out. Plus, the Bushies "mis-underestimated" the (usually co-operative) White House press corps' desire to take SOMEONE down.

And they dusted off the wrong "excuse" when things started to go south. The press corps had heard the "nanny" excuse one too many times, and were forced to, uh, do their job and ask questions.

Wa-la. A nice, little stocking-stuffer for anyone concerened about the goings-on over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Hey, who gets to play Kerik in the upcoming, made-for-TV movie? I'm voting for Michael "The Shield" Chiklis. Or Laker trainer Gary Vitti.

More later...


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