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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Tom DeLay: The Revenge of the Hammer

Chapter 4

"The D.A. strikes back"

Well, Ronnie Earle, the D.A. from Travis County, TX (currently running the grand jury investigations in TX re: some uber-DeLay cronies) has found himself on the wrong end of a double-barreled, Republican shotgun...and he's fighting back.


Quickly - DeLay's troops on the Hill have been qualifying their (horrific) rule-change vote last week (effectively protecting DeLay's chair in the event of an embarassing TX indictment) by claiming that the Hammer and his Sicles have been the victims of a partisan witch hunt...led by Earle. Of course, the Republicans ignored the inconvenient fact that Earle, an alleged lefty, has gone after more Democratics than Republicans during his 27-years as a D.A. But that doesn't matter to DeLay's troops: to them, anyone who dares to challenge their beloved leader is a scumbag. And fair game.

Earle has had enough. You can read his Op-Ed piece in The New York Times here.

The best thing about Earle's piece? The use of the term MORAL VALUES. SIX TIMES.

As in -

"Politicians in Congress are responsible for the leaders they choose. Their choices reflect their MORAL VALUES."

And -

"The open contempt for MORAL VALUES by our elected officials has a corrosive effect. It is a sad day for law enforcement when Congress offers such poor leadership on MORAL VALUES and ethical behavior. We are a moral people, and the first lesson of democracy is not to hold the public in contempt."


We have to learn how to do that, people. Use their language...language they've spent millions and millions and millions of dollars developing...against them.

Re-framing the debate. That's the challenge.

Another great point in the op-ed piece: DeLay and his troops changed an importantHouse rule even though
"no member of Congress has been indicted in the investigation," and that "none is a target...unless he or she has committed a crime." Operative words in that last sentence?

More later...


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