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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Keith Olberman continues to do the Lord's work. The only national dude addressing the growing storm re: Ohio. Here's an excerpt from his latest blog:

"As the Ohio recount nears, the number of hotspots continues to multiply. You are aware of the remarkable late night voting lines throughout the state, and the mysterious Glitch of Youngstown which initially registered negative 25,000,000 votes. There is the Gahanna machine which gave one presidential candidate 4,000 extra votes in a community of 600. And the farcical “walling off” of the vote counting in Warren County, because the county head of security was told face-to-face of an FBI terrorism warning there - except the FBI says it didn’t issue any terrorism warnings there.

The Associated Press today carries a report of 2,600 ballots in nine precincts around Sandusky, Ohio that were counted twice— as that paper puts it— “likely because of worker error.” The Clyde precinct showed a voter turnout of 131%, to the dismay of the head of the elections board, Barb Tuckerman.

Ms. Tuckerman, in one of the great quotes of the election, told the News-Messenger of Fremont, Ohio: “I knew there was something amiss.”

Tell me about it, Barb."

Oh, the wingnuts are gonna get jiggy with Keith. For sure. I'd love to read the hate mail.

You can find the full posting at -

He is approaching the story with a healthy bit of skepticism, but at least he's appraoching "it." Whatever "it" is.

More later...

Oh, yeah. One more thing. Slipknot will not appear with the Rev. Billy at the Rose Bowl. Instead, get ready for the scary talents of TAIT, JARS OF CLAY, and THE KATINAS.

Smoke up before the JARS hit the stage. You'll have more fun...


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