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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Good morning.

Got hammered at the Billy Graham show last night. Partied in the parking lot beforehand. Drank a case of Zima with some Graham-crackers from San Bernariverside. Passed out during "Trapped Under Ice." Think I made out with some girl, but can't remember.

Can't handle the four night run. Haven't done this since the last Vegas-Dead shows. Might blow off tonight's finale. Which sucks, because someone is gonna jump on stage with my man. That's the cool thing about living in Hollywood. You never know who's gonna show up.

THE MARCH TO IRAQ! (SFX, theme song, drums, cool pictures of Iranians burning the US flag intercut with soldiers storming across the desert)

The latest move from this morning's Washington Post -

"Bush Toughens Line On Nuclear Threats - President Singles Out Iran, N. Korea"

(What about Iraq? Oh, we're there already. Cool. One down, two to go!)

SANTIAGO, Chile, Nov. 20 -- President Bush said Saturday that he believes Iran is continuing to pursue a nuclear weapon, which he called "a very serious matter," and said he had won pledges from Asian allies to increase pressure on North Korea's leader to restart disarmament talks.

"During his reelection campaign, Bush said little about the two nuclear threats. But with aides contending that his victory gave him new international leverage, he took confrontational lines with both countries, insisting they disarm but pledging to pursue that goal diplomatically."

Wait. "New international leverage?!" I thought that the president's victory gave him a national mandate? Gave him "new international leverage, too? Damn.

"That last election was important, wasn't it?"


Hey...we need an evil Iranian guy. We ain't got one. It'll make the march to war so much easier.

Hey...while you were sleeping...or busy chasing your dream:

"Congress Helps Providers Refuse Abortions"

Yeah! Wait...what?! When?!!

WASHINGTON - Congress made it a little easier for hospitals, insurers and others to refuse to provide or cover abortions. A provision in a $388 billion spending bill passed by the House and Senate on Saturday would block any of the measure's money from going to federal, state or local agencies that act against health care providers and insurers because they don't provide abortions, make abortion referrals or cover them.

The AP did not give the numbers re: the vote. But it happened. And it passed. On a Saturday.

Chip away, chip away at the stone. Ba da da da, ba da da da da da da.

More later...


  • Glad to see you added "Comments." How about making your links clickable? It's pretty easy. shows how herePresent and future wars, dissolving reproductive rights, regressive tax codes...the Bushies are pathological destructionists; their only vision is about what to destroy.

    By Blogger slowleak, at 9:09 AM  

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