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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Crazy stuff on Bev Harris' site today. Check out for more tales from Bizzarroland. This time, Bev's rocking the free world in...Volusia County, Florida!

Back to the Devil's work. The CIA is the place to be these days, yo.

The headline from today's NYT -

"New C.I.A. Chief Tells Workers to Back Administration Policies"

(Yeah! Wait....what?! Oh, no!)

Excerpts from the story by Douglas Jehl:

WASHINGTON, Nov. 16 - Porter J. Goss, the new intelligence chief (AND TURBO BUSH-DUDE), has told Central Intelligence Agency employees that their job is to "support the administration and its policies in our work,'' a copy of an internal memorandum shows. "As agency employees we do not identify with, support or champion opposition to the administration or its policies," Mr. Goss said in the memorandum, which was circulated late on Monday. He said in the document that he was seeking "to clarify beyond doubt the rules of the road."

(Um. Um. Um. Okay. Wait. "As agency employees...we do not support...opposition to the administration." Um. Um. Sir? What if one of us...uh...finds out know...our policies in the Middle East are making us...uh...less safe...instead of unsafe...and that we of that end...and that...we have to act on that What do we do? "You quit working on that fucking report or you're fired, you God's people hater!" Yeah. Right. Sorry about that. I'll get cracking on the "Iran has a giant nuke and it's pointed at Houston" report. Back to the article.)

While his words could be construed as urging analysts to conform with administration policies, (NO, REALLY?) Mr. Goss also wrote, "We provide the intelligence as we see it - and let the facts alone speak to the policymaker.''

(The scary part of that last excerpt? We - meaning the new, Pro-Bush, neo-con dudes at the CIA - provide the intelligence as we SEE IT - meaning as we WANT IT - and let the facts - meaning the facts that we like and/or the facts that help our pro-Bush cause - speak to the policymaker - meaning King George.)

(Uh. Hold on.)



(Fortunately, there is evidence of a growing war within the CIA. Read on:)

...a second former intelligence official said he was concerned that the memorandum and the changes represented an effort by Mr. Goss to stifle independence. "If Goss is asking people to color their views and be a team player, that's not what people at C.I.A. signed up for,'' said the former intelligence official.

(That's right. They signed up to kick ass. To do crazy shit you and I will never know about. Shit we don't want to know about. Propping up dictators who'll play ball with US companies, overthrowing those dictators when we get sick of 'em, developing laser beams with the Martians, yada yada. And I'm cool with that. I expect the CIA guys to "do what they signed up for," because some of that stuff helps us in the long run, and it protects us from the bad guys. But, more importantly, we need them to be above partisan politics when they do "what they signed up for." Nes pa? They have to be...or we're fucked. Back to the article.)

Tensions between the agency's new leadership team, which took over in late September, and senior career officials are more intense than at any time since the late 1970's.

(Because the senior career officials are reading the writing on the wall - you're either on the bus, a turbo-conservative, pro-Bush bus with a big fucking neo-con engine, or you're off the bus - and they are pissed. And it's war. And it's gonna get nuts...very soon.)

More later...


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