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Sunday, November 28, 2004

The best story this morning -

"Pakistani troops leave the hunt for bin Laden?"

No, it's -

"The election in the Ukraine. Fuckin' rigged?"

No, it's much better than -

"Bush Twins shut out of cool, East Vilage bar?"

NO. Lady Di claims that an ex was killed by...people.

"Say what?!"

You can read the whole article in Newsday here.

Apparently, some bootleg Di-tapes, recorded by a former VOCAL COACH (huh?), have appeared. Some pretty boring stuff (Charles was a lousy lover, they never had sex, yada yada), but one very excellent piece of info:

"The most sinister revelation by Diana, who was killed in a 1997 car crash at age 36, concerns her bodyguard, Barry Mannakee, who she says was murdered in 1987 for having an affair with her."

(Get over!)

She calls Mannakee, a married police officer, "the greatest fella I've ever had."

(Hey now!)

Mannakee was moved out of the job when rumors of a liaison with Diana surfaced. Less than a year later, he died in a mysterious motorcycle accident.

(There we go.)

"It was all found out and he was chucked out. And then he was killed. And I think he was bumped off. ... We'll never know," says Diana. She calls his death "the biggest blow of my life."

Cool. Cue the James Bond theme...and cut to a tunnel in Paris.

More later.


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