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Saturday, November 13, 2004


From this morning's Washington Post - please read carefully.

"Deputy Chief Resigns From CIA"
Agency Is Said to Be in Turmoil Under New Director Goss

By Dana Priest and Walter Pincus
Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, November 13, 2004; Page A01

"The deputy director of the CIA resigned yesterday after a series of confrontations over the past week between senior operations officials and CIA Director Porter J. Goss's new chief of staff that have left the agency in turmoil, according to several current and former CIA officials.

John E. McLaughlin, a 32-year CIA veteran who was acting director for two months this summer until Goss took over, resigned after warning Goss that his top aide, former Capitol Hill staff member Patrick Murray, was treating senior officials disrespectfully and risked widespread resignations, the officials said.


Several other senior clandestine service officers are threatening to leave, current and former agency officials said.

The disruption comes as the CIA is trying to stay abreast of a worldwide terrorist threat from al Qaeda, a growing insurgency in Iraq, the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan and congressional proposals to reorganize the intelligence agencies."

Okay. Back up a few feet.

"The disruption comes as the CIA is trying to saty abreast of...THE RETURN OF THE TALIBAN IN AFGHANISTAN?!"

Sneaky, huh? Anyone who's been paying attention to "Afghansitan" for the past few years is well aware of the fact that THE TALIBAN NEVER LEFT. Sure, a bunch of dudes bought the farm during Operation Desert Whatever, but most of 'em just bided their time until we turned our attention elsewhere (Iraq). So now...they're back...harassing woman and chasing down secular Aghani dudes with Eminem CDs.

"But wait. My preznint told me that we took care a' them evil doers over there. And we did."

Right. Tell that to Ahmed Kharzai. Dude needs twenty (Titan) security guards everytime he tries to make the dash from office to SUV.

Shouldn't "THE RETURN OF THE TALIBAN IN AFGHNANISTAN" be the lead headline on every fucking paper this morning?

"Nope. Scott Peterson...Guilty."

That's right.

(A few quick thoughts on Goss and the CIA. You'll have to check the "born again" box on your application if you wanna move up through the ranks of this great organization. Good luck to the Catholics, Jews and secular-minded dudes who just love the work! )

More later...


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