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Saturday, November 20, 2004

45,000 Billy fans can't be wrong!

That was the turn-out on opening night. Can't tell how many "Graham-crackers" were at the Rose Bowl last night, but me sure it was bigger than 45k!

Praise Jesus...and what a show. A few classics ("Heaven and Hell," "The Mob Rules"), a few deep cuts ("Wheels of Confusion," "Neon Knights") and a surprise appearance by...Zakk Wylde from The Black Label Society! Dude gave us a blistering version of "Mr. Crowley." Randy Rhodes woulda been proud.

Can't wait for tonight. I'm thinking...Slash?

And while we were busy whooping it up in Pasadena, US troops were gettin' jiggy in Baghdad. By now, you've all heard the reports re: the big raid on an Evil Sunni Mosque after Friday prayers. (No, seriously, a good move.)
But have you heard this? From today's Guardian UK:


"Meanwhile, two Iraqis died as Iraqi forces and US troops tried to storm a Sunni Muslim mosque in Baghdad after Friday prayers, Reuters reported.

US armour had surrounded the mosque and the raiding force opened fire when hundreds of furious worshippers tried to beat them back by pelting them with their shoes, Reuters said."


Wait. Hold on a second. "The raiding force opened fire when hundreds of furious worshippers tried to...beat them PELTING THEM WITH THEIR SHOES."


Confused. Thinking. Brain hurting. Still confused. Will keep reading the article:

"Iraqi and US forces left after detaining dozens of men. (THE SHOE PELTERS? Thank god.) It was not immediately clear if the fatalities were Iraqi troops or worshippers at the mosque but reports suggested they were worshippers."

Uh. Unless the SHOES of those famous SHOE BOMBS we've been hearing about for the past three years...or soaked in depleted uranium...I'm guessing that the fatalities were heavy on the worshipper side.


More later...


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