BRANDOLAND: Talking to God...For You!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Excellent news from the White House:


(You’ve got to be kidding me.)


Here’s some info from Lloyd Grove’s column in today’s NY Daily News:

When Washington-area beautician Erwin Gomez and his longtime partner James Packard celebrate their marital vows with 400 of their closest friends next month, two of Gomez's best customers will probably be in attendance: President Bush's twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara.

Yesterday, the 39-year-old Gomez - a makeup expert for the Elizabeth Arden shop in the D.C. suburb of Chevy Chase, Md. - told “Lowdown” that the First Twins have become devotees of his popular eyebrow waxes over the past few weeks.

And, Gomez added, Bush's daughters have expressed an enthusiastic desire to go to Gomez and Packard's Sept. 11 wedding celebration at their home in Laytonsville, Md.

"I gave them the party invitation, and they said, 'That sounds great, we'd love to come - it sounds like a lot of fun,'" Gomez said.

"The way they reacted, they were very open-minded." (END)

Open minded…and looking for a kick ass party. (“Open bar? Hell yes!”) You know Erwin and James are gonna throw one hell of a shin-dig.

This story has made the rounds today (Drudge, Buzzflash), so I’m sure the handlers have been notified.

Odds that B & J will be allowed to attend a “gay wedding?”

There are no odds. It ain’t gonna happen.

But…well…shit…I hope they try.

“They’re our fucking friends, dad!”

“Not three months before the election, they ain’t!”


“Honey, listen to your father.”

“Fuck you! Fuck you both!”

“Jenna! Watch your mouth!”

"I am the leader of the free world!"

“We’re going to the fucking party!”

“The hell you are! Randy?”

“Yes, sir?”

“Take 'em upstairs.”


“Don’t you fucking touch me!”

“Ma’am --”

“Fuck you, Randy!”

More later…