BRANDOLAND: Talking to God...For You!

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Howard Stern is back on top in L.A. and New York with the all important dude-demos.

But that's not thes best news re: Stern, the FCC and Clear Channel.

There's a quick snippet on Yahoo this morning, detailing Stern and his climb back to the top, and it's not good for Clear Channel.

From the article...

"In San Diego, one of the markets where (Stern's) show was removed by Clear Channel, radio station KIOZ-FM's drive-time ratings dropped from an 8.9 share in February to 0.7 in March, the first month without Stern. Stern's show remains syndicated on a total of 36 stations nationwide."

(An 8.9 to a .7! Ha! Take bastards.)

If you've been listening to Howard, you know that he's been WARRING against the right...and telling his legions to vote Kerry. A legion of CONSERVATIVE Joe Sixpacks who'll do anything for Howard...


Could make a difference.

Ho ho!


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