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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Another day...Shia and Sunni uprisings...more US casualties...Murdoch backs Bush.

"According to Jim" is still on the air.


Thank god for baseball...and this little doozy re: King George throwing out the first pitch at the Cardinals' home opener. From the St. Louis Dispatch (4/06/2004):

FLACK JACKETS: President George W. Bush had his choice of jackets to wear when throwing out the first pitch at Monday's Cards opener, said Mark Lamping, Cardinals president. Lamping said the team had a variety of jackets ready, five of them generic jackets with the president's name on them, and a sixth red Cards jacket sans the Bush insignia. Bush, showing himself to be the savvy prez we all know he can be, chose the right red jacket. "We're proud of that," Lamping noted.


A somewhat hostile crowd complained mightily about the problems the presidential motorcade caused with regular fans trying to get into the park. A Cards employee tipped moi that the team was so concerned about Bush being booed that they piped in fake applause when he strode out to the mound. Lamping flatly denied it.

(Of course he did.)


Come on!!!


I...can't...even...where do it.

But that ain't all that happened in St. Louie on opening day. From the same paper:

"F-15s force copter pilot to land in Spanish Lake"


A helicopter trip for a pilot, his girlfriend and her toddler son went from leisurely to a matter of national security Monday when they flew into restricted airspace just as President George W. Bush finished throwing out the first pitch at Busch Stadium.

Two F-15 fighter jets scrambled to intercept the helicopter, circling the aircraft until it was forced to land behind a home in the Spanish Lake area. No one was injured. Police and the U.S. Secret Service said it appeared the wayward trip was an innocent mistake.

"It appears completely unassociated with the (president's) visit," said Tom Canavit, Secret Service special agent-in-charge for St. Louis.

Police and the Secret Service said no charges will be filed against the pilot. But the Federal Aviation Administration might fine or penalize the pilot for violating its rules, Monroe said.

The sight of circling fighter jets caused a stir in Spanish Lake.

(G*ddamm right it did.)

"He had the missiles underneath and everything," said Joe Puszkar, a greeter at Buchholz Mortuary, down the road from the home where the helicopter landed. "It was scary."


More later.


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