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Monday, March 01, 2004

Back after a long break.

Finally…a decision from the White House I can get behind!!!

A constitutional ban on gay marriage? No. The (armed) kidnapping and forced exile of Haiti’s Aristide? No. A one-hour sit-down with the 9/11 commission? No.

It’s the decision to BAN Bush-twin Laura’s “alleged” boyfriend FABIAN BASABE from the White House.

Halle-f*cking-lujah. What took them so long.

From a (gossip page) report in today’s “New York” magazine website by Deborah Schoeneman and Spencer Morgan.

“The White House, determined to fight crass social climbing at the highest levels, has banned self-proclaimed “It” boy Fabian Basabe from all White House functions. Basabe attended a Christmas party there last year but won’t be back anytime soon. Liz Smith speculated on Friday that the order came from the president, but we hear that Laura Bush was furious after seeing her 21-year-old daughter Barbara in a cleavage-baring blouse on the front page of the Daily News straddling Basabe’s leg at a party for designer Jennifer (Jack’s daughter) Nicholson.

It has since been reported that the 25-year-old…is wanted on three warrants in California, after skipping court dates for offenses including trespassing and driving under the influence. The son of an Ecuadoran businessman of uncertain wealth, Basabe was featured on E!’s Young, Rich & Famous special.”

Praise Jesus.

I’ve been saying for WEEKS that this guy, “the son of an Ecuadoran businessman of uncertain wealth,” is a major national security concern and a threat to our democracy. Thank god…someone in the White House is paying attention.

(The son of an Ecuadoran businessman of uncertain wealth? Well that's a bad character from a bad spy novel, isn't it? Any chance the young brother is Skull & Bones?)

Hey, Fabian? Good luck, buddy.