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Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Thinking about visiting the great state of Florida for the holidays? You should. All is well in the land of the Seminole. Read on:

"Originally created Wednesday, November 12, 2003"

Anti-Iraq war veterans pulled from parade
Capital Bureau Chief

TALLAHASSEE -- A group of 30 military veterans critical of the war in Iraq hoped to use Tuesday's Veterans Day parade to call attention to the increasingly deadly conflict but instead found themselves fighting for something much more fundamental.

Members of Veterans For Peace and Vietnam Veterans Against the War were yanked off a downtown Tallahassee street, directly in front of the Old Capitol, while marching in the holiday parade they had legitimately registered in.

As organizers allowed the parade to roll on -- including veterans from various wars, several high school marching bands and even a group of young women from the local Hooters restaurant -- the anti-war veterans were ordered onto sidewalks where they passed out leaflets and displayed a banner reading, "Honor the Warrior, Not the War."


I'm back.

I'm sure that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of "anti-war vets" were "yanked" from Veteran's Day parades all over the country. That's not the story. The real story from Tallahassee is simple - it's all about...THE YOUNG WOMEN FROM THE LOCAL HOOTERS RESTAURANT.

What...the hell...were they doing...marching with vets?!

"They were looking foxy."
"Everyone loves the Hooters girls."
"Especially men who've served their country."
"You serve your country, you deserve to see a Hooters girl."
"You serve your country, you deserve to SLEEP with a Hooters girl. At least for one night."
"Even if you're married."
"Nothing says, 'Good job, soldier,' like a Hooters girl."
"America. Freedom. Hooters girls."
"Ah, f*ck it."

More later...


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