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Tuesday, October 14, 2003


I’m sure you’ve heard about the latest and greatest news from Iraq re: the “letter from a soldier” that was sent to a number of papers around the U.S. Please read the following excerpts from

“The letters appeared in roughly 12 newspapers across the country. From Massachusetts to California, and many places in between, family members and local newspapers received letters from soldiers of the 2nd Battalion of the 503rd Infantry Regiment detailing their successes in northern Iraq.”

“Each letter was signed by a different soldier, but the words were identical:

"Kirkuk is a hot and dusty city of just over a million people. The majority of the city has welcomed our presence with open arms. After nearly five months here, the people still come running from their homes, into the 110-degree heat, waving to us as our troops drive by on daily patrols of the city. Children smile and run up to shake hands and in their broken English shouting, "Thank you, Mister."

Amy Connell of Sharon, Mass., knew as soon as she received the letter from her son Adam that he did not write it. "He's 20 years old and I don't think his language or his writing ability would have entailed that kind of description," she said.

She was right. Her son didn't write the letter. In an e-mail to ABCNEWS today, the commander of the battalion, Lt. Col. Dominic Caraccilo, said the "letter-writing initiative" was all his idea.


This one isn’t hard to figure out, is it?

I’m wondering what would happen if Ms. Connell’s son had the time to write his own letter.

“Dear Ma: Hope you don’t mind, but I think I’m gonna shoot my foot off. I gotta get outta here, man. It’s hot as fuck, the hajis hate us, and one of the local kids took off with our last copy of Maxim. This place fucking sucks. See you soon. I’ll be on crutches. Your son, blibbity blah.”

Do you think they’d reprint that one in the Boston Globe?

More later…


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