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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Great article in the Guardian today re: future US spending on reconstruction projects in Ee-raq.,1280,3180370,00.html

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that GW intends to spend that 160 odd Billion dollars that he’s been asking for.

-$9 million to modernize Iraq's postal system, including establishment of ZIP codes.

(To make it easier to ship products to the US.)

-$30 million to provide half-day classes in English for 5,000 workers.

(So SBC can employ English-speaking Iraqis at their future call centers in suburban Baghdad. Just like the ones in India. Next time you get a call pushing high-speed internet access, ask the telemarketer to describe the “scene” outside his or her window…if they have one.)

$99 million to build and modernize 26 jails and prisons for 8,500 inmates.

(Essential for any society that plans to struggle with super-high unemployment, drug/alcohol abuse, and general unrest from the “rabble.”)

-$55 million for an oil pipeline repair team that can respond quickly to new reports of sabotage or other problems, as part of a $2.1 billion effort to rebuild Iraq's oil industry.

(And who gets that “repair team” project, boys and girls? Can you say “Halliburton?” I knew you could.)

-$125 million to rebuild railroad tracks.

(To get future Old Navy shipments – cargo pants, pullovers, fake vintage tees - from the factories to the ships…lickity-split. My blue polo was made in Vietnam, and set me back about $4.99)

Let’s go back to Halliburton. This story was featured in today’s “Yahoo-News.” I know, a trusted name in “news,” but I’ll take interesting stories from anyplace I can find ‘em.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Democrats in Congress called for hearings into the rapidly rising value of no-bid contracts awarded to energy giant Halliburton for its work on the postwar reconstruction of Iraq.

Senators Frank Lautenberg and Joseph Lieberman wrote in a letter to Susan Collins, Republican chairwoman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee that Halliburton -- an oil services company formerly headed by Vice President Dick Cheney -- has earned some two billion dollars for its work in Iraq. The figure is much higher than estimates made immediately after the war.

(Gee. How’d that happen? Back to the article.)

The lawmakers, who said the value of the contracts escalate daily, called for hearings to "examine the details surrounding these secretive contracting procedures."

Among the contracts awarded to Halliburton is one from the US Army Corps of Engineers to rehabilitate Iraq's oil fields which has ballooned to some 1.25 billion dollars, up from 700 million dollars just a few weeks ago, wrote Lautenberg and Lieberman, top Democrat on the Committee and a candidate for the White House.


Like I said a few weeks ago, if Uncle Sam was willing to shell out $2,000 for a hammer back in the day, yo, how much do you think he’ll spend to rebuild Ee-raqi oilfields?


Arnold has ties to the Carlisle group. No joke.

This excerpt is from a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle re: environmentalists heckling Arnold at a recent appearance outside Santa Barbara.

“But longtime GOP fund-raiser Bob Grady, a managing director of the Carlyle Group, said that as an environmental adviser to Schwarzenegger he is convinced of the actor's credentials.

"I want a governor, someone who will fight oil drilling and ocean pollution, " he told the crowd. "Green Republicans have a new champion, and that man is Arnold Schwarzenegger."


That’s like…a…a…fox bein' put in charge of the...dammit. I don’t know where to start with that one!!! It’s too obvious.

Any chance that Arnold has some financial ties to Carlyle? Does he have enough cash to give Carlyle? If he does, he’s made a killing in the last two years.

More later.


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