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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Ah, yes. Another day, another Bush appearance, another group of Bush protester’s pushed away from said Bush appearance. From the AP…

OMAHA – “While President Bush heard many cheers during his brief visit to Nebraska on Monday, there were some jeers.

A small group of protesters lined parts of Abbott Drive between the airport and Airlite Plastics Co., where the president spoke to the plant's employees and supporters about his economic stimulus plan.

Organizer Patrick Pannett said the group was moved away from an original protest site designated by the Secret Service.

The group had been told it could protest at the back entrance of Airlite Plastics. However, the Secret Service instead taped off an area more than a block away from the plant and the presidential motorcade route.”

You gotta love the parameters of political dissent in the 19th Century.

I think the AP writer meant to say that the “Secret Service instead taped off a FREE SPEECH ZONE more than a block away from the plant and the presidential motorcade route.” Actually, that’s pretty good; the free speech zones are usually “taped off” more than a HALF MILE from GW.

Maybe we’re getting closer.


Don’t worry, dear reader. There’s a sunny side to this particular street. There were many other fine Americans on hand to hear GW huff and puff about evildoers, freedom and the need for more tax cuts. Read on.

“It was easy to spot the 11 members of the Valley Mustangs baseball team in the crowd on hand to see President Bush at Airlite Plastics Co.
That is because each member of the Little League team wore his purple uniform. The boys ages 9 and 10 waved small U.S. flags -- or had them sticking out of the tops of their ball caps.

Only one member of team missed the chance to see Bush. Coach Scott Hill said that player had become so excited about seeing the president that he became ill on the 17-mile car ride from Valley to Omaha. The boy was taken back to Valley.”

Wait. “Coach Scott Hill said that” the boy “became ill” because he “had become so excited about seeing the President?” I know you folks out there in the “heartland” love Governor Bush, but…c’mon, Coach, do you really think that the boy tossed his cookies because he was excited about seeing the President?

“Of course I do.”
“Did you ask him?”
“Didn’t need to. This is a special day for all of us.”
“Indulge me.”
“Fine. Son, why the copious amounts of chunder in the back of the bus?”
“Haven’t been sleeping. Nightmares. Fox News. Computerized voting machines. Four more years of this jackass. Then…his brother. Plus, the memory of GW in that Top Gun suit…it haunts me. And too many team lunches at McDonald’s. I know you need the collectable toys for Ebay, but fucking hell, Coach, you’re killing me.”
“Christ! Someone call an ambulance! This boy really IS sick!”

One final piece of info from the article worth noting…

“The team's second baseman had secured tickets for the boys to attend. That player, Nolan Terry, is the son of Rep. Lee Terry, R-Neb.”

Right. Of course. God bless America.

P.S. – is there such a thing as a “D-Neb.?”


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