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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Ah, one of my favorite subjects, Yale’s Skull & Bones Club, popped up this morning in the Boston Herald. The focus of the article is on Sen. John F. Kerry, D-Mass. Dude has been getting hammered in the press lately for (stupid) things like the amount of money his wife “might” shell out for his campaign and the “confusion” over his true ethnicity (“Is he Jewish, Irish or what? I can’t vote for him if I don’t know what he is”). “Someone” has decided that Kerry is the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, so they attack machine has been switched to “on.” This time, the press goes after Kerry for his (alleged) membership in a secret society that has (allegedly) been cranking out world leaders and captains of industry since it’s inception in the 19th Century. Read on.

Kerry made his Bones in secret club - like Bush
by Andrew Miga
Thursday, May 15, 2003

WASHINGTON - Sen. John F. Kerry expounds on many issues in his presidential campaign, but he's completely silent on one topic: his membership in Skull and Bones, Yale's infamous secret society.

“John Kerry has absolutely nothing to say on that subject. Sorry,” said Kerry spokeswoman Kelley Benander.

Kerry is a respected senator and a decorated Vietnam War combat veteran, but 36 years after he was initiated into what has been called the “ultimate old boy network,” he's wary of breaking the ultra-exclusive club's strict secrecy code.

There's also another high-profile member of the club: President Bush.

Bonesmen already are buzzing over the prospect of the first Bones vs. Bones presidential race should Kerry win his party's nomination and face Bush in 2004.

“Bones don't care who wins,'' said author Alexandra Robbins, whose book “Secrets of the Tomb” pierced the secrecy shrouding the 171-year-old society. “If Kerry wins, it's still a Bones presidency.”


Wait. Does that mean that we’re living under “Bones presidency” now? I guess it does.


Who has the guts to ask that question? Is that why GW ignored Helen Thomas during his last press conference?

“Sir, are you, or were you, a member of Yale’s Skull & Bones Club?”
“Freedom. Terra-rists. Smoke ‘em out.”
“And, if you are a Bonesman, does that mean anything?”
“The Iraqi people love freedom.”
“Are you obligated to take care of the business needs of your fellow Bonesmen before you take care of the needs of the American people?”
“Tax cuts. Get ‘em running. Now watch this drive.”
“Are there any Bonesmen involved in the reconstruction of Iraq?”
“Evildoers. Tax cuts. Merica.”
“In the Afghani pipeline?”
“They don’t understand freedom like we do.”
“In your administration?”
“Freedom (whir, click). Freedom (buzz, click). Freedom.”
“Will you debate Senator Kerry, a fellow Bonesman, if he gets the Democratic nomination?”
“Let’s roll (click).”

There’s a (really bad) late 90’s flick called “The Skulls” (starring “CSI’s” Billy Peterson and one of the kids from “Dawson’s Creek”) that covers life in a fictionalized version of the S&B Club. In one scene, the young “bonesmen” are taken to party at a mansion on a secret island where they get to mingle with some uber-successful alumni (senators, judges, CEO’s, etc). After the shmooze-fest is finished, each pledge is given a sports car, a ton of cash, and a super-foxy lady ie the perks of being a “bonesman.” (Membership in the club “sets you up for life,” so long as you remain loyal to the club and use your post-Yale “positions” to further the interests of your fellow Bonesmen.)


Is that where GW "met" Laura?

By the way, Papa Bush was a “Bonesman,” too.

More later.


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