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Friday, April 04, 2003

You might find this funny. Or lame. Or both.

-----Original Message-----
From: Brendan Smith
Sent: Fri Apr 04 14:14:04 2003
Subject: Thank you for your interview with Amy Goodman

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your interview with Amy Goodman on Radio Pacifica's "Democracy Now." Though this Hollywood Chomsky-ite could detect a few moments of frustration in your voice, I was (very) impressed with the honesty and grace you showed while addressing the concerns that many of us (on the left) have re: the corporate media's coverage of the Bush Administration and the war in Iraq.

Continued success in difficult times.

Best Regards,

Brendan Smith
Hollywood, CA

Aaron’s response?

Thank you
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Well, Christ, at least he responded. Almost immediately. And I know that my e-mail is a bit kiss-ass-ish, but look: the guy took the hot seat on Amy Goodman’s show for an hour (to discuss CNN’s coverage of the war) and did not dodge her questions. Goodman, one of the leading progressive journalists in the country, did not lob Brown any softballs. Nor did her other guest, some dude from FAIR (and you know what they think of Aaron/CNN). It was a great interview, and I say kudos to Aaron Brown for having the guts to answer direct criticism from the “left.”

He basically went on and on about the pressures of putting together “balanced” coverage of the war in Iraq for a “mass” audience. He did not feel that it was his job to criticize or debate the military experts that appear on CNN because those old dudes are just there to talk about logistics and numbers. He did admit that CNN was late with its coverage of the anti-war movement in the months leading up to the war, and said that it is difficult to cover the movement NOW because it has no clear center. He claimed to have been fair with said coverage. He bristled when the hosts suggested that his reporting was influenced (or edited) by Washington, and did not want to get into an ideological debate with the dude from FAIR. Yada yada.

Don’t know what character I was playing when I wrote the e-mail.

Goddammit am I serious today.


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