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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Oh, me achin' head. Had some oysters yesterday so...

Just a few random thoughts for now.

The Abercrombie & Fitch Ski School does not really exist.

Contrary to popular belief, Old Navy does not own an Irish Pub called "Paddy O's" (karaoke, darts and pool since 1983). Old Navy produces cheaper Gap stuff - they are not in the bar business.

It's my very strong opinion that TGIFriday's Sizzling Chicken & Cheese could kill you.

Even though the billboard says so, the #1 show in L.A. is NOT "The DEEsbournes."

Journey, REO, and Styx are touring together this summer. That's quite a triple bill.

Kenny Rogers must have some major cash invested in the Barona Valley Casino, 'coz it's all he's pushing these days; I was not aware that he was part Barona Valley Indian.

Cameron Diaz just broke up with Jared Leto.


I was upset when I heard about Ashton Kutcher and Brit Murphy, but this breakup really gets me.

Hey, whatever happened to the girl from "Chasing Amy?"

I think the swing thing is officially over.

I 've never had the chance to experience "Lobsterfest."

Spitting into the wind,


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