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Sunday, March 23, 2003

[3/23/2003 3:16:13 PM | Brendan Smith]
A few observations from yesterday’s (anti—CNN) rally in Hollywood.

More people showed up than I thought would. I’d say there were about 10-15,00 folks involved…every shape, size and color. There were just a few thousand gathered at the Hollywood/Vine Subway station for the start of the march (12:00), but the crowd seemed to double as soon as the march began. Some people must have been waiting in Bob’s Frolic Room.

We were allowed to march in the streets. No one was quite sure what to make of it – some were convinced that the cops were setting a trap by “letting us” bleed into the street – but the permits were apparently in order.

A few stayed behind (at Hollywood & Vine) to protest the absurdly high prices (for what you get) at the Hollywood Diner, and to protest the Jason Alexander/Martin Short version of “The Producers” at the Pantages. People are still upset with Alexander for hawking fake KFC chicken wings.

The march down Vine was uneventful. Scattered tourists taking photos. Cops everywhere.

Fantastic collection of cops protecting the Jack in the Box on the corner of Sunset and Cahuenga. Must have been fifty of ‘em (in full gear) in Jack’s parking lot. Big thanks to the LAPD for protecting us from Jack’s grilled sourdough.

Not much difference (visually) between the crowd inside Amoeba records and the crowd outside Amoeba records. What does that tell you?

Where do conservatives shop for records? There ain’t a Wal-Mart anywhere near Hollywood.

Top chant in front of CNN - “Aaron Brown…step down!”

Not sure what they do in the CNN building. Do they shoot Larry King there? They used to shoot a daily show covering the entertainment industry, but they got rid of that program years ago. The building seemed to be vacant…except for two p.a. looking dudes on the second floor (shooting us with digital video cameras), and a group of painters on the fifth floor.

Eddie Vedder and Tim Robbins were in the crowd. Vedder sang a few bars of a protest song…but I couldn’t hear it. I played ultimate Frisbee with Robbins at UCLA a few times, and threw him a few touchdowns. Easy to do ‘coz he’s so tall.

Sorta wanted the march to continue moving west along Sunset to Sci-ti’s International Citizens Commission on Human Rights - Psychiatry Kills Museum. Hubbie’s people were not out on Saturday. Weird.

Anti-war chicks are ten times hotter than pro-war chicks. Yeah, I know. That’s a terribly sexist comment, but it is true.

You don’t see a whole lot of “Abercrombie & Fitch Soccer Team” shirts (or “Abercrombie & Fitch Ski Patrol” sweaters) at anti-war rallies. Thank the sweet baby Jesus for that.

Best sign of the day - “Tony Blair; Get W’s Dick Out of Your Mouth.”

The cops descended on the rally at about 2:30 – they’d had enough, and brought in four SUV’s loaded with super-cops to disperse the crowd.

More later.


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